Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 14, 2018

When the weather is like a smorgasbord of mayhem.

Friday: citizens of Perth were warned that the weekend and following days would be a stinkfest of high temperatures and rain from Cyclone Joyce.

Sunday: that damn rain better get here quick. Fire in the hills!

Dark and unfriendly skies over Bayswater. The view from my window isn’t much better.





  1. I’m in Cannington and smoke was intense here. The blanket of smoke was incredible.
    Weird to see it rain today though! Great post 🙂

    • Thanks.! I don’t recall ever seeing bushfire smoke spread so far across the sky as we saw yesterday. It went everywhere.
      And yeah, today it’s raining all over. It ought to take some pressure off the firefighters.

  2. Oh shit, that looks terrifyingly familiar…except with out the ending of rain to put it out.

    • It’s settled down now, in fact the latest thing is that we’ll get through the rest of summer with no really hot days – over 40 deg C – at all.

    • That photo was taken just a couple of miles from here. About 90% of the sky was that colour when the rain finally started.

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