Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 16, 2017

Yes, Commander Straker…

I’m wearing my purple wig just like you asked.

And my silver leotard. Yes, sir, it is very tight. Yes, especially around my bosoms. I agree, Commander, they are exceptional. So firm and inviting! Please deposit another twenty pounds if you wish to continue the conversation…


  1. What’s that from? I love the shade of purple for her hair!!

    • From UFO, the live action series created by Gerry ‘Thunderbirds’ Anderson. That was standard uniform for the female officers on Moonbase. Purple wig and all.
      I have featured this show before.

      • That’s what I thought, but couldn’t *quite* recall why there was something strangely familiar

  2. and also the bosoms.

    • I’ve nothing against her bosoms…. more’s the pity.

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