Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 18, 2017

Five fantastic films from Rev 2017, part 2.

You’ll find part 1 here. Now, read on…



On the ship of life, Dave was down in steerage.  He wanted to Do Something, but somehow never did.

Then, one day, he did Do Something. Something Incredibly Big.

But Dave’s creative juices had been bottled up for too long. They’d fermented. Or curdled. Either way, they rather tainted what Dave made.

It was not good.

In fact, it was downright murderous.

It’s much bigger on the inside! Well, so was the TARDIS. On the other hand, the TARDIS wasn’t a deathtrap of carnivorous cardboard.

Dave Made A Maze is available on DVD and Blu Ray. There aren’t many Rev features that could be described as fun for all the family, but you’ve got one here.

High five!


My top pick for Rev ’17 was more than just a movie. I call it

and it started here.

Car salesman turned male model, George Lazenby took the role of 007 from three thousand other hopefuls – and then dropped it after one film. Safe to say that his subsequent career in movies wasn’t all that it might have been. George accepts his missteps with regret but no self-pity. Right or wrong, the choices were all his.

Rev screened On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in tandem with Becoming Bond, and George was on hand to answer questions from the audience after both features.

Travis Johnson from FILMINK hosted the Q&A’s. Note his expression. Travis displayed that face many times. Because one documentary isn’t enough to tell the story of George Lazenby’s life. He had plenty more stories to tell in person! And as each story unrolled Travis would be sitting there thinking How the hell do I follow this? To be fair, though, if Travis had looked out into the audience he would have seen the same dumbstruck expression on our faces too.

Some people might think George has embellished his record here and there. My reply is – why would he? The facts are incredible enough!

My brush with fame! And my personally autographed memento of my meeting with George Lazenby, Australia’s one and only 007. This photo speaks to those three thousand actors George left in the dust. It says I’m James Bond. And you’re not.




  1. That’s pretty cool! Becoming Bond is on my Hulu watchlist – it may just float itself up to the top of the queue. Lazenby reminds me of Mitchell Ryan in the picture of you two.

    • Keep the tissues handy, there are a couple of sad moments in there.

  2. Oops. This is the link to Mitchell Ryan.

    • I remember Mitchell Ryan. He played a cop on Chase, but he seemed to get bad guy roles more often.

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