Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 18, 2017

A Revelation ’16 postscript.

Last year I highlighted the truly bizarre Atmo Horrox

and the equally bizarre – and local – Hairy Soul Man.

ATMO is yet to get a DVD release, but continues to warp the minds of unsuspecting moviegoers around the world. Over the next few weeks it will be doing the Catafusey thing all over the Hyper Hybrid Film Festival in Munich.

Catafuse was also spotted recently outside a bar. No pockets means nowhere to carry a wallet. Or an ID.

Must be thirsty work too, carrying those balloons all day.

Local talent Hairy Soul Man has recently taken himself off to the United States and is gathering a sizable crowd of followers. Some of them are still in one piece! Well, that won’t last long.

Look out for these guys in your neighbourhood. And I don’t mean that in the ‘call the cops’ sense.



  1. Some people may be heard, but definately not seen.

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