Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 25, 2017

When Moore is less.

The Hollywood Reporter, August:

It seemed easy to predict what Michael Moore’s one-man Broadway show would be like — a two-hour political rally in which the left-wing provocateur/filmmaker would lecture the audience about the evils of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. That prediction turns out to be wrong. The Terms of My Surrender reveals Moore to be a warmly funny and engaging raconteur, presiding over an evening of surprising emotional depths.

Don’t misunderstand me. Trump supporters should probably stay away, not that they were likely to buy tickets anyway.

A dismissal worthy of Mark ‘They don’t matter’ Textor. Who is these days living in something like a witness protection program to save him from death by immoderate ridicule.

And for THR a similar smack across the chops – from Twitchy:

Film director Michael Moore may have arrived on Broadway with the self-professed goal of taking down a sitting president.

But in the end, his politically liberal-minded show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” which closed this past weekend, failed to wow at the box office.

In its 13-week run, including a preview period, the show had ticket sales of $4.2 million, according to, a theater website that tracks grosses based on data from the Broadway League, a trade group. That figure represents only about 49% of the show’s potential gross.

Couldn’t even limp along another couple of weeks to mark the first anniversary? GahdDAMMM, life is cruel.

The Reporter must take its share of the blame for this failure. Perhaps they thought they were helping with this sneaky tease toward the end of the review.

Providing more details of the finale would spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that by the end of the show Moore has discovered his inner song-and-dance man.

Creeping Jeebus.

The only people helped by that revelation were Netflix and the pizza boy!



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