Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 23, 2017

James Damore, Google, and the rise (and inevitable fall) of SJW Inc.

James Damore’s memo was the key that unlocked the door and revealed Google to all the world. As one online wit observed, the world’s most popular search engine has gone from Don’t be evil to There is going to be so much evil.

Damore questioned the emphasis by Google management on diversity, suggesting that getting the colour/gender balance just so wasn’t contributing to the corporate well-being. In so doing, he set off a chain reaction.

Employers traditionally have two responses dealing with internal complaints. Politely Hostile:

We value input from our people except when they disagree with us, and are therefore wrong.

or Overtly Hostile:

Dissenters Are VERMIN And Will Be CRUSHED.

When the memo was leaked and published in Gizmodo – read it here – Google went full OH. Damore was shown the door.

While management has issued the standard dismissive public response, anonymous sources still inside the firm have found their own voice. Workday life at Google sounds like a Jugendfuhrer jamboree:

…sometimes you get punched. I know at least one engineer did get punched in retaliation for something he posted… Constant abuse, sneers, insults and smears from people who detest that you disagreed with them, or pointed out evidence that refutes their dogma, combined with the low-level terror of being fired (and in many cases deported), combined with a learned helplessness because you know your abusers are supported by management, make for a very demoralizing experience…

…The message is clear: if you do not align with SJWs, you do not belong here. Not only do you not belong here — our resident SJWs will gossip around to get you to never, ever work in a good job again. So shut up.

You know a company has stuffed up big time when they make a boss as temperamental as Jobs look good.

Damore also confirmed a long-held suspicion that the world’s most popular search engine manipulates search results.  Google now admits that conservative sites are its target. Joseph Stalin would be proud of this modern-day airbrushing.

Pass the babushkas and the vodka! Hangin’ with my best bud Nik – whoops, he had to leave. Previous engagement with a firing squad, comrade?

At American Thinker, Russ Vaughn speculates that Google is steering net users away from pictures of white people rescuing non-whites during the recent hurricane catastrophes. That sort of talk usually encourages friends and workmates to maintain a safe distance. After what we’ve learnt about Google’s shenanigans, it seems much less paranoid.

Corporate Social Responsibility has undergone an aggressive mutation. The shareholder activists of the 1980s have moved into management, and business is no longer about goods and services. It’s now a vehicle for change. And finger-pointing. When a firm becomes an affiliate of SJW Inc., management is no longer the problem. The issue lies with the workers. Those formerly beaten down, humiliated wage slaves are – well, they’re still beaten down humiliated wage slaves. But they can be made good with the proper indoctrination.

Beyond the workers, of course, there are the consumers. They need harsh instruction, and plenty of it. Their views are thoroughly out of line with the orthodoxy.

If we don’t like your politics, we don’t want to do business with you.

The politics that SJW Inc. rejects can be summarised in one word, one event. If you voted for Trump, if you support Trump, stay away. We don’t want your money.

How’s that bold stand working out? So far it seems to be mostly benefiting companies that – somehow; God alone, wherever She is, knows how they do it – keep their politics under the counter.

It certainly isn’t doing  much for SJW Inc. Starbucks took a whack after Howard Schultz declared the company would import refugee workers – defying Trump’s executive order. Patreon boss Jack Conte offered mea culpas when Lauren Southern’s account was terminated (her offence? Assisting opponents of human trafficking). In August Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, told Trump’s supporters ‘Don’t shop at my business.’ He later offered a ‘nuanced’ withdrawal.

Those nuanced withdrawals are always a delight. The puffed up chest contracts; the courage evaporates.

Noisiest, and suffering most, is TrumpHate Central aka Hollywood. The criticism of the President has been loud and steady since their girl Hillary lost. And the public has responded. Cinema attendances have been declining over many years; the summer season just ending has seen an even sharper decline in attendances. The Emmy Awards earlier this week attracted a record low audience. Hey,  Hollywood – how about putting that wasted energy into original, intelligent entertainment? Lay off the accusatory rants, at least until you’re delivering something more than uninspired crud.

As for Google: remember those holy-holy television preachers  from the 70s who got caught with a Bible in one hand and a bottle – or a babe, or a boy – in the other? In similar fashion Google, in the midst of all its Equality blather, has been accused of discriminating against female employees.

By their fruits you shall know them. SJW Inc. is less concerned with delivering the merch and more with basking in the warmth of its own moral rectitude. Hectoring and haranguing, they retreat when the numbers drop. Soon enough, though, they’re talking down to the unenlightened again.

How many times around the track until the lesson properly sticks?

The depth of the disconnect does not bode well for the future.




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