Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 25, 2017

August 25: The Battle of Milne Bay, 1942.

Revisiting my most popular post ever (thanks to some help from Tim Blair).

Australia’s Forgotten Victory.

I’ll risk the charge of heresy and say it again: Milne Bay deserves to be commemorated at least as much as Gallipoli, and more so. For two vitally important reasons.

Firstly, the Diggers who turned the Japanese back at Milne Bay were fighting, literally, with their backs to the wall.

Secondly, Milne Bay was a victory. Our side won.

The world is a crazy place all over right now. We are the inheritors of a culture built on knowledge and exploration. From building the pyramids to walking on the Moon in five thousand years. On the cosmic scale, nothing at all.

It all seems to be falling apart. We seem to be on our way back to barbarism.

Milne Bay is a reminder that victory is always possible. Even against the worst odds.



  1. Many people have short-term memories – you HAVE to keep bringing these events up.

    • True. And here in The Great South Land we tend to see ourselves as the underdog – the bloke who gives it a good shot but never claims the prize. Gallipoli’s tragic loss thus outweighs Milne Bay’s gutsy triumph. We mourn the losses of 1915 (and rightfully so) but we don’t balance that with the pride and respect for events like Milne Bay.

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