Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 5, 2017

Embarrassments abound, south of the Equator.

See something, say something… except if you’re a bank.

Which bank?

FOREIGN criminal syndicates including major drug traffickers were able to launder millions of dollars through Australia after the Commonwealth Bank allegedly failed to comply with strict money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws and monitor almost 780,000 accounts.

It’s not been a great week the Great South Land. The story of the synagogue that won’t be built because it might attract the wrong crowd ie jihadist crazies has gone international.

And the cheers over the arrests in relation to a bomb plot have died down after the local cops have been shown to be not so on the ball as we thought.

In essence, a bomb was allegedly carried into Sydney Airport on July 15 to be detonated aboard flight EY451. It never made it aboard. Hundreds of lives were spared. 

But once these details had been digested, one terrifying question lingered: How did nobody in Australia know about a plot that had been ordered in Syria and involved parts being sent from Turkey to Sydney in international air cargo?

And how did the authorities only find out about it nearly two weeks after the plot failed?

Turns out I was happier when you folks thought we had kangaroos hopping through the streets.

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