Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 5, 2017

Harken ye who would wear my colours. They are not lightly won.

Mr Allen’s ad noted that it was a privilege to be granted an apprenticeship and urged people not to apply if:

– Just because Mum and Dad said you need a job. You need to want a career all on your own.

– If you think you might lose your licence once, twice or even three times.

– If you have a drinking problem.

– If you do recreational drugs.

– If you think it’s OK to chuck sickies on your birthday or the day after a big night out etc.

– Got some kind of cool crap in your nose or a hole in your ear? Forget it – go join the circus. This is a job where you are representing my business and I don’t suffer fools.

– If you can’t pass a drug test on your first day, don’t apply.

No follow up news that I can locate, but given the positive response I’d say it’s a safe bet that Mr Allen got the apprentice he was looking for.



  1. Good for Mr. Allen!!

    • I worked for a few years in a trades outlet, and I saw a few of the specimens that Mr Allen didn’t want. We had a lot of roofers among our customers and they were always having trouble with young fellows arriving for work with a head full of booze or something worse.

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