Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 12, 2017

Those Elise women are something different, that’s for sure.

Half a world away from Gina Elise in California, Elise Nazzari makes headlines right here in Perth!

Elise Nazzari is Miss Galaxy Australia 2017.

Quite apart from being a total stunner, Elise is going hard at the books. She’s working on a degree that combines sociology and anthropology. Having read some Robert Ardrey I could probably sustain a conversation with Elise for all of – hmm, maybe thirty seconds.

It was Elise’s mind, strangely enough, that set her on the path to her crown:

Nazzari turned to beauty pageants as a way to heal her self-confidence after battling anxiety and depression, and three attempts later she won the title at the national final on the Gold Coast this month…“I think I represent what it is to be a modern beauty queen,” Nazzari said. “Growing up, I was quite intelligent and I was bullied for that.”

Today, safe bet the bullies are dying of envy all over. Sucks to be them.

A Cluster of Galaxys! Elise with Miss Teen Galaxy Australia Ruby Adamson and Mrs Galaxy Australia Emilie Hardes. Story here.

Photograph from the studios of Don Benson. More photos of Elise at


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