Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 26, 2017

The Anti Oscars 2017: the people hear you, Barbara!

Breitbart reports that former US Senator Barbara Boxer has invited guests at the Oscars to speak politically at the event, saying ‘If you have a stage, use it.’

That is a simplification of the words that Babs delivered. As far as I can tell, though, that’s the gist of her message. Follow the link above: if your deciphering of her hedging and doublespeak leads you to a different conclusion, say so here.

The messages down in the comments section are far more direct and easy to comprehend:

Do it, you’re not hated enough yet.

Yeah, if you have a stage, use it … that way the American people will know you for who you really are. These people just don’t get it. They think, by screaming louder, being more violent, that freedom-loving Americans are going to capitulate. We cannot, we must not. We must solidify behind Trump and make it very clear that we intend to win.

Please, let them talk. My grandpa use to tell me all the time, “Idiots only sound smart until they open their mouth”. I want to know my enemies.

This is like trying to see who can lean the farthest out the window while driving 90 MPH down a freeway. Have the Dems seen how Box Office receipts are treating Hollywood Liberals?

‘If You Have a Stage, Screech Like a Deranged Harpy’

I hope they keep this up, Trump could pull a Reagan in 2020 and win nearly every state.

Socialists love “the masses” it’s just “the people” they don’t like.

I have a huge record and cd collection that features possibly hundreds of performers with left wing opinions. Not once have I even remotely considered taking them as my guide and mentor in political matters.

If you have a remote control, use it!

And my favourite:


Two men within the artistic community are bucking the trend. Conservative street artist Sabo – yeah, ‘conservative’ and ‘street artist’ in the same sentence; but there it is! – has cunningly placed mock Oscars publicity posters across LA.


Sabo has struck before – take that, George Lucas!


And former Bond bad guy Robert Davi has taken a similar stand against the Hollywood Hellspawn.

There are good people. I respect everyone’s living, everyone’s point of view, that’s what America is about,” he said. But I understand when I see the vitriol, and the continued misrepresentation of certain things, or the exaggeration of certain things, carried to a point that they shouldn’t be — and that’s what we see happening now.

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