Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 6, 2017

You see yourself more clearly when you learn how others see you.

24 things expats find surprising about Australian working culture.

3 made me laugh (maybe because I felt the same way about Los Angeles),  and no arguments over 9 and 13. As for the profanity: in some workplaces it’s almost mandatory. Some. Not all.


If you’re still under the impression that Skippy runs free in our cities, bad news. I have never seen this happen.

I have no idea where this photo was taken but I think probably somewhere in the US. Why so? Well, no Australian in their right mind would let a roo loose in an office. Even a baby. They’re not fun or cute when they start kicking.

Also the source uses inwestphiladelphia as their moniker.



  1. Interesting article; my boss lived in Australia for a few years with her husband (who, I believe lived there for quite a long time and is originally from Croatia) and there were a couple of these points that reminded me of how she bosses. Additionally, from time to time, I hear a faint hint of an Australia influence with pronunciation and choice of certain words.

    • Such as when she curses under her breath, it comes out as ‘Faaaaaarrk….’

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