Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 26, 2017

Thanks to those idiots at the MLA, lamb is off the Australia Day menu in 2017

The original Sam Kekovich ad for lamb on Austalia Day. 2007.

Ten years on, that creeping tide of unAustralianism has taken Sam and his lack of political correctness.

This year’s ad is… well, you can look at it here. Sam makes an appearance for half a second, but good luck finding anything about Australia Day.

Michael Mann in The Daily Telegraph:

I’m smart enough to know I SHOULD like it, and I know WHY I should like it. It’s inclusive. It’s warm and fuzzy. Its multicultural. It doesn’t alienate anyone — not even the vegans. And as someone who worked in advertising for a while, I can hear that script and watch the cinematography and editing and think “nice!” But that’s just it. It’s so… nice.

What are my options? Pork? Veal? Chicken? Pizza?

I might go Hannibal Lecter and roast a tender pre-hurt snowflake butt.

It’s easy to prepare. There’s no spine to dispose of, and no brain, and no guts.

Happy Australia Day!



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