Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 21, 2017

The inauguration of Donald Trump: what it changes, and what it doesn’t change.

Congratulations, President Trump.


Back in 2013 Australia’s mendacious selective media had to get used to saying the words Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Most of them managed to say it – through their gritted teeth .

If Turnbull hadn’t knifed him, the Great South Land might have experienced an orthodontics-led economic recovery.

But as of today the local and international MSM will be saying United States President Donald Trump. For at least four years. If a young person asked me for career advice today I’d point them at the nearest dental school.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton took advantage of the ceremonies to check his eyes were still working properly.

I was not having visual relations with that woman! Yeah, right…



  1. The best is when he cuts his eyes towards Hilary because he knows he’s been busted. And the look on her face is priceless. All in all, probably the best part of the inauguration. Too bad I didn’t see it Friday while watching the broadcast.

    • I could be wrong, but isn’t that Dubya who ducks into view on the right for a split second? The look on his face is like ‘So how are you Bill? Er, whoops. You’re busy. I’ll come back later.’

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