Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 6, 2017

Imagine, if you will, that four white teens had beaten up a black man.

An intellectually disabled black man, at that. And shouted things like ‘Fuck black people! Fuck Barack Obama!’ And captured their vile deed on camera to share with the world.

Well, it almost happened in Chicago. Except that the victim was white, and his assailants were black. And they shouted about white people and Donald Trump.

Think of all the times that anti-Trumpers have claimed to be victims in recent weeks. To my knowledge all these claims have been shown up as fake. In this case the anti-Trumpers are the aggressors and even thought it was smart to record it.

Stephen Crowder has some footage here of the reaction from assorted media types, as well as a Chicago police official. They seem pretty keen to make excuses for the attackers.

Locally, what’s been the coverage?

From News Ltd, there’s this report. It includes the comments on Trump, but not those on white people.

How strange. Since the article was written after these four people were arrested…


So, as I said in the title. Imagine they were four white people beating up on a black. We’d be chin deep in stories about BLM rallies, comments from the soon-to-be-gone President, and tweets from Famous Actors.

Not one of mine, but it sure captures the moment.




  1. If the roles were reversed – there’d be rioting in the streets!

    • And it would be Trump’s fault too, of course!

      • Who else?!!!

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