Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 6, 2016

At first, I thought I was reading satire.

Surely this wasn’t meant as a serious article… I wanted to congratulate the author for sneaking this highly entertaining satire past the editors at the Huffington Post.

Things I Blame For Hillary Clinton’s Loss, Ranked

But then I read the mini-bio:

Max Weiss is the managing editor and film critic for Baltimore magazine. Her work can also be seen at Vulture.

Nope, Max meant it for realsies. Read her review of Hacksaw Ridge if you think your blood pressure can handle it.


  1. And I quote from the review about Hacksaw Ridge: scrambled and hid from the “Japs”—to use the film’s parlance…ummmm. Okay. But wasn’t the term Japs in common usage back then? That doesn’t make it right…I’m not saying it does or that it was right. But come on. This was long before the PC police had taken over and for author of the article to phrase it in such a way makes me wonder if she knows the first thing about American history and culture from before the special snowflake 21st century. FFS, seriously? It’s sort of like the movement to make the representation of soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima more PC and multi-cultural. No. Just no. Don’t fuck with history because it doesn’t fit with the current obsession of political correctness.

    I think I may need my own safe space to recover. Wonder if I could get a bean bag chair and a cute puppy, maybe some crayons and coloring books, too.

    • I seem to recall John Belushi saying ‘Goodbye… slant!’ in 1941. The movie, not the year.

  2. Also, luckily I don’t suffer from high blood pressure…yet.

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