Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 27, 2016

And this one’s for you, Robert De Niro.

There’s a quote going around along the lines of

Okay, so Trump won! Can’t you just get over it?

No. You celebrated Clinton’s win for six months. You just made the mistake of not waiting for the election.

and part of the conservative celebration is watching the contortions of the Angry Actors Alliance, who swore on their mother’s heads or whatever that they would leave Tha Yoonyted Stayts if Trump became President.

Robert De Niro went further and said he wanted to punch the President-elect in the nose. Of course, that was before he became the President-elect. Bob, like so many others, has now retreated from his earlier position.

Not far enough, Bob. You might avoid President Trump’s retribution but you won’t escape mine.




  1. See your comment about special snowflakes and tears…

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