Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 19, 2016

And it’s time again to prepare parcels for the troops.

If you’re looking for a way to say Thank You to our men and women serving abroad, a parcel is guaranteed to brighten a Digger’s Christmas Day. Of course, any time of year is a great time to share a Pin Ups For Vets Calendar, the brainchild of pin up princess Gina Elise.
You can make a donation online to the Department of Defence, who make up their own parcels. All amounts over $2 are tax deductible. DoD accepts parcels from the public, but reluctantly. The brass in Canberra seem to consider civilians like me an annoyance rather than an aid to morale. I can live with that. I could throw them the shekels but I prefer to make the parcels myself. Mine have got more, you know, personality.

Along with Gina’s calendar I’ll be including soaps donated again by Selina Jackson, who has offspring of her own in uniform. This year’s flavor is Stout and Oatmeal. Its manly scent alone will strike fear into the hearts of those Middle Eastern goathumping scoundrels. Selina has even whipped up a special label for the soaps. Great idea!

Mints and other goodies have been donated by Ezy Plus in Beaufort Street Inglewood. Many thanks again to Jamie and his excellent crew. Please support them if that’s your part of the world. Try out some of the unusual US/UK sweets and snacks they keep, to prevent our Anglophone expats from getting homesick.
If you’re keen to put some parcels together, the cutoff date this year is December 7. The Ocean Sky and Khaki blog provides all the information you need about what to send – and just as importantly, what not to send. Check the links in the right hand column. Keep it under 2kg for free postage; you can pack a lot of goodies into that weight! Also, you will be required to fill out a Douane for Customs purposes. You can keep the description brief.
The staff at your local Post Office may be able to provide assistance. There are a growing number of people sending parcels and the Australia Post staff can answer a lot of your questions.

Apologies for the poor quality pics. But then, I bought the cheapest mobile on the market to answer phone calls. Not to be Richard Avedon.


  1. Very happy to hear this!!

    • This is as close as I get to being Santa Claus.

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