Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 7, 2016

That’s how elementary it’s gonna be…

1: Offer blowjobs in return for votes for your preferred candidate.
2: Hear a massive thud as said offer hits the floor, followed by profound silence.
3: Get angry and make a bigger fool of yourself.

Madonna final warning: ‘Vote Clinton or we are all f*cked’

Between this, and Bill’s expression of sorrow that Melania Trump is married to a man who abuses women, it’s almost as if the people around Hillary want her to lose.

They can’t really think this shit is helping her… can they?


  1. I’ll take Madonna’s early sartorial flair over her political punditry, thanks anyway.

    • If she’d stopped with Material Girl, musically and sartorially, I would have fond memories of her.

      • Same here, though I am fond of “Like a Prayer” too.

        • I read that and thought, considering what she might also be doing while she was singing… does the Lord answer gargled prayers?

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