Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 1, 2016

The following program contains scenes and language which some viewers may find unnaturally stimulating. I mean, offensive.

Soon, Hillary darling… soon we’ll be together.
Every night in our cosy little cell. Just you and me and a couple of butch prison guards. Oooohhh… I can hardly wait…


Hey, don’t barf all over my shoes. I warned ya!

But seriously. The thought of Ranga Monsterarse behind bars fills me with a special joy. And ex-next President Clinton is a part of that package. From Nick Cater at The Australian:

Whether Gillard thought she was buying influence when she donated $292m of our money to the Global Partnership for Education, which partners with the Clinton Foundation, only she can say. The facts are that she was appointed as chair of GPE after leaving office, has appeared at GPE events with Hillary Clinton and in at least two of her campaign videos.

There were several millions more besides that funnelled to Clinton Inc. by Jooolya. Several tens of millions, in fact.

There’s more here (pdf’d to save you trying to jump the paywall) as part of Nick’s larger story.


I do hope my prison stripes fit me that well, Julia. It’s so damn hard finding anything that fits when you’re Criminal Extra Large.



  1. Just when I was beginning to think that at last the slimy Gillard thing might have slithered into obscurity, you do that!

    • She has been quiet (mostly) since leaving Canberra. Unlike her Siamese twin in incompetence, Rudd.
      If President Trump did get the Hilldabeest into court, and Jooolya was a part of the proceedings – honestly, KG, I know I’d be feeling a Chris Matthews-style tingle up my leg.

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