Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 29, 2016

The Doctor will see you now (if you’re south of the Equator).

Doctor Strange has already put up his shingle here in the Great South Land. You folks the US still have to wait until November 4.
Is the movie worth the price of the ticket? I think so. Hardcore longtime Marvelophiles will probably not be happy, but as someone with passing knowledge of Steve Ditko’s comic book hero I thought the story worked quite well. The effects don’t match Ditko’s psychedelic artwork but they fit the story, and they are impressive.
Respect to Benedict Cumberbatch, who is absolutely the comic character brought to life.


He’s got the look, and his American accent is flawless. Tilda Swinton adds another eccentric role to her collection as the Ancient One. When you’ve played a 500 year old gender changer and the Archangel Gabriel you’re well positioned to play a mystical monk living on the roof of the world.
Mads Mikkelsen, the card playing villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale plays Kaecillius, Evildoer #1 and devotee of Dormammu.


He gets a couple of the funnier lines. Thanks to IMDB:
Kaecilius: You’ll die defending this world, Mister…
Dr. Strange: Doctor!
Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
Dr. Strange: It’s Strange!
Kaecilius: Maybe, who am I to judge?

One other thing. Don’t leave as soon as the credits begin.


  1. This is one I’ll be passing on. Superhero movies aren’t my thing and Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those actors I just can’t watch. Same with Tilda Swinton.

    • I’ve not seen him in anything else apart from Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy. I don’t mind him, he just doesn’t turn up in the movies I go to see.
      And here’s Tilda’s best moment, boying it up as the Archangel Gabriel. Stay with it to the end!

  2. “Don’t be a stranger…be stranger!”

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