Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 27, 2016

Three Romans walk into a bar…

Three Romans

Sejanus: What a remarkable fortune teller that old Druid was! He said I would be reborn as a master spy, dedicated to the overthrow of a great and powerful enemy.

Caligula: Really? I got that prophecy, too. How odd.

Sejanus: Well, in an another future existence, the Druid said I would be captain of a ship that sailed between the stars! I would visit strange worlds! And my crew would include unearthly beings that walked and talked like men!

Caligula: Lucky you… I’m due for another birth myself: I’ll come into this world hideous and deformed. Trapped inside a twisted body. But I’ll be acclaimed and feted by the nobles of a majestic city!

Sejanus: Twisted, but feted by nobles? Is that a coming life? Or this one?

Tiberius: That damn Druid said I would come back as a member of an Urban Cohort. Me, the Emperor of Rome, reduced to humble policeman’s rank! I was going to have the old fraud flogged. I warned him to do better with his second prediction, and he said I would be the master of a small seaside kingdom. Rebels and misfits would be my subjects and I would spend my days breaking them until they submitted to my authority!

Caligula and Sejanus: Ooh! That sounds like fun!


  1. Had to read up on Sejanus. Seems like the boy had a friend he nominated, Pontius Pilate

    • There’s a discussion across several episodes about the Jew Messiah. Jesus is mentioned, of course, but Caligula is quite sure that he’s the Anointed One.

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