Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 3, 2016

Post election, early impressions.

7:30 am the morning after.

Still early, but as it’s shaping up the new parliament might be pretty much what I hoped for: no majority in the House and power scattered among minority parties in the Senate. I would much rather see a few years of stalemate in Canberra than either Labor or Liberal implement their programs. Which are essentially indistinguishable anyway. The Libs, just right of centre traditionally, aimed themselves at the left this time around.

It cost them badly; they’ve taken a beating. Two million Labor voters jumped the fence for Tony Abbott in 2013. They’ve now jumped back and taken a few more with them.

Turnbull should go. Had he demonstrated some leadership after taking Abbott down, he might have won back some of the Delcon demographic. But he has proven himself utterly useless. He got the top job and had not a single clue about what to do with it.

Shorten, in the event he becomes PM, will not last a full term. Not on recent Labor form, anyhow. The man who helped bring down two leaders can hardly make a claim that the troops be loyal to him. As it stands though Labor is unlikely to win. If there was any real likelihood of that, the ABC would already be crowning Bill as our new national leader.

Counting has ended, and will not resume until Tuesday.

Speaking of mornings after, this pic sums it up very well.

Babes and bones

These innocent ladies have been seduced by handsome men with sweet promises. Soon they will awaken, and find their beaus are in truth a swarm of bony, hungry bastards.

Find me a voter who hasn’t known that experience!

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