Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 5, 2016

A pilot show called WHAT?

Paul Joseph Watson is a leader among the young and media savvy conservative set.

And he’s really got the SJW set summed up here.

Warning: This video features lots and lots of supposedly mature people behaving like demon-possessed toddlers.

This will be the first generation in history that won’t go back to nappies in their old age. They’ll be wearing them all the way through.

It's my victimhood


  1. That was painful to watch… but (sadly) not at all surprising.

    • It’s not pretty, and while I share PJW’s inclination to laugh, I can’t help wondering how these kids will cope as parents and business leaders.
      Once upon a time we asked ourselves ‘What kind of a world will we be leaving our children?’ The answer today is ‘A world that’s not in the best of shape, but much much better than what our kids will leave the next generation.’

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