Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 2, 2016

The Rev 14-15 Combo, part 7.


If there’s one feature at Rev that I’ve generally avoided, it’s the collection of shorts. I went through a period of attending shorts screenings many years ago, giving attention to the stumbling beginners who might one day be delivering powerful and intelligent cinema. It became a kind of penance, paying for the sins of high-budget pleasure by spending time with novices. The problem was that very few of those novices gave me hope that they would ever be anything more. After a while, I ceased to be penitent.

Emma Eisner made the shorts experience worthwhile again.

Emma attended Rev in 2015 to present Will I Scatter Away? and discussed her work with the audience afterwards. There was a bombardment of praise and yes, a lot of it came from me. For a film maker who is still quite young Emma is remarkably assured and professional behind the camera. Will I Scatter Away plays with the old myth of the doppelganger, telling its story in a concise, focused style. It was by a country mile the best of the shorts screened that day, most of which were the work of people several years (at least) senior to Emma.

Will Eye Scatter Away

Will I Scatter Away is also entirely dialogue-free. A brief black and white meditation on escaping – or discovering – one’s mortality.

The film is still doing the festival rounds after a year. When it does eventually come off the road I’m hoping that Emma will post it online. Two thumbs up, Emma! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

So that was the 2015 part of the combo. Here’s the 2014 segment. It pretty much speaks for itself. I’ll just note that the city looks quite a bit like my old home town of Melbourne.


That yellow thing that gets kicked over has been the ugly stepchild of Melbourne’s civic art for nearly forty years.


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