Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 12, 2016

Interesting choice of name.

When House of Cards introduced a Russian leader named Petrov I couldn’t help but chuckle. That name carried a degree of notoriety for a long time here in Australia.
Vladimir Petrov and his wife Evdokia were assigned to the Soviet Embassy in Canberra in 1951. Both were members of the USSR’s spy network. When the power structure changed in Moscow a few years later Petrov became fearful of being recalled and executed. He made contact with the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and told them he wanted to defect.
Petrov chose to keep this from his wife, perhaps fearing she would inform on him. When he disappeared, Moscow sent agents to escort Mrs Petrov back home. The photo below, taken as Mrs Petrov was being led to the plane at Sydney Airport, went around the world. On instructions from Prime Minister Robert Menzies, ASIO men separated Mrs Petrov from her minders at Darwin Airport. The couple were given new identities and lived in suburban Melbourne – their cover was blown in the early 1980s.
I wonder if the HoC scriptwriters are students of modern Australian history?

Evdokia Petrov being escorted to a waiting plane by diplomatic couriers1_416069_tcm11-17754


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