Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 14, 2016

You call that a ‘crowd’?

Growing up in Melbourne, where sport is the unofficial religion, you breathe it and get it into your cells even if you’re not interested. And it gives you a different perspective on the fields of sporting combat. I heard on the news that Kobe Bryant is playing his last game for the Lakers and the event has pulled a sell-out crowd of… wait for it… eighteen thousand.
Eighteen thousand. Excuse my mild snort of contempt.
That would be considered a disastrous crowd at an AFL match – a regular AFL match. Let alone a major game. Back before the stadium was reconstructed, the MCG would hold crowds several times as big as that for a Grand Final. The record was set in 1970, when the old MCG packed in


Impressive, no? It looks even better full-size. Click on it!

How many 18000s can you pack into this?

How many 18000s can you pack into this?


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