Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 1, 2016

News for today.

Breaking news from Australia:
Political opponents Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull have announced their engagement. The two men, who met on a float in this year’s Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney, intend to tie the knot on the winter solstice. Penny Wong will act as co-celebrant with some famous gay bloke dressed up as a Druid.
Neither Mrs Turnbull or Mrs Shorten were available for comment, although Mrs Turnbull is reported as saying she will be ‘fucking livid’ and ‘out for Malcolm’s guts’ if she doesn’t get to keep the Lodge.



  1. May this be this be “the knot” that’s they “tie”..

    Yeah Yeah, Secret Service, FBI, barry’corp’s. lmfao..

  2. Thanks Bloke. Will make the attempt to let you know, should agents of barry or his white twin, tRUMP knock on or..ummm, stupidly try to break down the door of my humble mountain abode.

    But then, worldwide headlines would be posted, for the commotion, including discharges of ooo,umm, a 12 gauge shotgun, .40 cal and other various weapons of fast discharge.. lmfao big time.

    • If you’ve got to make a mess, make it a damn big one!

      • I totally despise, hate, can’t stand google and its bullshit email! BUT, here is more of’Merica. You may have this link already but hey, what the hell, I’m a/an old (pick one) fart and losing me brains.

        Power Line, buncha’ lawyers from Minnesota..

      • “If you’ve got to make a mess, make it a damn big one!”

        You can count on ME for that, Mate.

        references furnished LMFAO..

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