Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 16, 2016

Indiana Jones and The Walking Frame of Destiny! (Updated)

No? How about… Indiana Jones and The Depends of Eternity!

Or maybe Indiana Alzheimers and The Jones of Purple Cat!

It appears that Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford have caught the same bug as Ridley Scott and George Miller, with the announcement of a new movie featuring the now-geriatric archaeologist.

Not wishing to rain on anyone’s parade – especially when there’s a guy with a mean whip hand involved. But Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road mostly served to remind me how great their predecessors were twenty or thirty years ago.

This is the pic used in the story on USA Today.

HF as IJ young

This is a more recent picture of Mr Ford.

HF today

70-plus is not a great age for outrageous stunts. Unintentional comedy could be the result here.

Let the professor enjoy his retirement!


Spoilers ahead…

Indiana Jones and The Chronic Flatulence of Solitude.
It’s Christmas in a couple of weeks time, but the younger Joneses are making excuses to Granma Marion about celebrating with their in-laws, or their friends from the wife-swapping group, or the ducks at the local pond. The only place they don’t want to be is within half a mile of Granpa Indy when he lets another one rip and mutters ‘Take that, you rotten Nazis!’

When Indy III complains to his dad that he’s got a cold and can’t smell a thing, he’s immediately conscripted into delivering the presents. No matter that he’s only 8 and can’t even reach the accelerator.


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