Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 13, 2016

Civil Society and My Knife

Just a reminder: you are not entirely surrounded by dickheads.

Malcolm's Corner

Civil Society

I love my knife, a small enough folder to be legal in most states, vicious enough to be used in self-defense, practical enough to be used for everyday cutting tasks, and strong enough to last forever. It goes with me most places and that was the problem. My daughter and I had just finished an east coast college tour and we were returning home from Washington Dulles airport. With luggage checked I had just removed my shoes to go through security when I realized that my folder was still clipped inside my trouser pocket. I immediately informed the TSA minion and asked whether there was a mailing service at the airport so I could send the knife home. “No mailing service”, he replied, smiling appreciatively at the knife. “Your only choices are to give it to me or to throw it away in the garbage can.” Putting my shoes…

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