Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 2, 2016

Serving up the leftovers.

I thought I’d better hold a few back on Christmas Day. I didn’t want anyone suffering meme OD.

Let’s start with a few that summarise the events of 2015. Creeping Jeebus, what a year it was for People Who Are Determined To Be Offended.

It's my victimhood

The flood of ‘refugees’ into Europe brought the bleeding hearts out in force. Typically, the do-gooders’ calls for the government to ‘do something’ aren’t matched by a readiness to act themselves.

Case in point: I posted the meme below on another website. Among all the upticks and approvals it garnered, one gent posted ‘We will take some refugees’. I replied ‘Post a photo when they arrive!’ and he deleted his comment shortly afterward.

No Protester Goes Home

On the subject of the illegals and their supporters…

A trilogy of twats

Reverend Rod might be familiar to some as the pastor of Gosford Anglican Church.

Over recent Christmas seasons I’ve made a pratice of binging on one tv series or another. This year it was House of Cards, and my one New Year’s resolution is to never make a move until I ask…


We saw the latest James Bond on the big screen in 2015, but did you know that ‘Bond’ made his first appearance on the small screen? Casino Royale, made for television in 1954, featured Barry Nelson as Jimmy(wtf?)Bond and Linda Christian as Valerie Mathis.

I heard a noise

Whether he’s a Jimmy or a James, 007 has no trouble with the ladies. It’s a different story down at the geriatrics activity centre.

Hey cutie

Lastly – I saw this at work. I couldn’t let it go unmemed.

We Trust Engineers


  1. Gosh, I thought you meant railroad “engineers”.

  2. BTW, read where the Perth area had nasty fires around and about, hope all is well for the bloke named Greg.

    • All good here in my part of the world. About ten degrees hotter than I’d prefer but I’d rather be here than in the fire zone around Gingin and Moore River.

      • Good to hear..uhh,

        BTW, have a Pembroke Corgi with the name of Gin Gin*. Had no knowledge of the town with that name in OZ.

        *while I have fondness of the liquid form for Martini’s, her name was given because her Mommie and Daddy have an AKC registry with alcohol as its base. 🙂

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