Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 14, 2015

Perth’s beaches: still a great place to die in mysterious circumstances.

It was only two years ago that a human head was found wrapped in plastic bags on the beach at Rottnest Island. The police made some notable comments at the time. Displaying the remarkable perceptivity we expect from the plods everywhere, Perth detectives asserted that the decapitate decease involved neither suicide nor a shark attack.

I slept remarkably well the night I published that post. I found it so, you know, reassuring. Thank the Lord we’ve got such sharp minds enforcing the laws of this great state.

Now WAPol have reassured me all over again.

A man has died after being pulled from the water at Trigg Beach.

It is understood the man’s hands and feet were bound…

“At this time the death is being treated as not suspicious,” Inspector Derek Staats said.

Well of course it’s not suspicious. Tie yourself up and jump over the side of the boat – who among us hasn’t tried that at least once? I know I have.

Just Another Victim

(Relax – it’s a still from the original Mad Max.)

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