Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 20, 2015

A quiet fortnight at home shouldn’t start like this.

Four hours ago my two week holiday started.
In the first hour I witnessed a man who may have been under the influence fall on a stairway, get up cursing, and then carry on cursing at random strangers. Shortly after this my bus got stuck in a long queue of buses behind another bus. Like most machines I’ve encountered it had developed a mind of its own – and decided it didn’t want to move. Kind of like ‘Fuck you, I’m an Anteater!’ with wheels.
I managed to get off the bus courtesy of another passenger who was tall enough to hit the manual switch above the back door, which he did as he said some very discourteous things to the driver. He said them repeatedly and with considerable volume. The driver didn’t come out from behind his cage. I hit the footpath running – or at any rate walking very quickly.
The walk to the station, the train ride and the walk home were all completely uneventful. However, as I walked around to the fish and chips shop, I found a police car with the reds and blues going wild as the occupants of a small car were being interviewed. By the time I was coming back the other way a second police car had joined the party. Passenger in one vehicle, driver in the other (less comfortable looking), and their car locked up for later examination.
I’m hoping that this is the high point of my break, drama wise.


  1. Five days in and has the drama increased, decreased, or stayed the same?

    • Glad to report that the drama has all moved to the big screen. SPECTRE yesterday and Bridge of Spies today, at the glorious old Windsor in Nedlands.

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