Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 31, 2015

Got a couple more here in Row J, Mister Diesel!

I went to see The Last Witch Hunter at the Galleria today because, let’s face it, Hollywood isn’t going to make too many movies that feature Michael Caine alongside Vin Diesel.
The cinema wasn’t exactly crowded. Apart from a few teenagers and two little old ladies across the aisle I was more or less on my own. Straight away I thought I knew what the old dears were there for. But they were so quiet and well behaved that I realised they weren’t Michael Caine fans but in fact REAL WITCHES. Everything was clear after I made that connection. Great way to spend a Saturday: watch a few of the sisterhood get bisected and/or barbecued up on the big screen to work up an appetite, then stop off at the indoor playground to pick up a three year old for dinner.
(Spoiler below! You have been warned!)
Best moment: Michael Caine stares out his window as the Blight spreads across New York, and mutters “Look at you… you ugly bitch of a morning.”

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