Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 3, 2015

An American Frightbat on Australia.

The term frightbat was coined by Australian journalist and blogging legend Tim Blair:

They shriek, they rage, they cheer, they despair, they exult, they scream, they laugh, they cry! There’s never a non-emotional moment in the lives of Australia’s left-wing ladies’ auxiliary… Only one of them, however, can reign as our solitary monarch of madness. Only one can stand above all others, wailing and howling, while the rest look on and ask: ‘Where’s the Ritalin?’

The species is not restricted to the Great South Land. Frightbats appear everywhere. Even Tha Yooneyetid Stayts has got its share. Most of theirs seem to be concentrated in Washington – or maybe I’ve just been reading too many stories lately about Hillary Clinton.  Anyway, there’s another one loose in the Lower 48, and her name is Cassidy Boon.

Creepy eyes alert.

Creepy Cassie

Hey, I warned you…

Cassidy lived here for nine years (did we deport her? I hope so), but that wasn’t long enough for her to fall in love with our exalted national spread.

Update August 7 2018: Oh, damn. Nothing I hate more than a dead youtube link. But thanks to Mr Viral, the dubious wisdom of Miss Boon has been preserved.

Update May 1, 2019: the original clip has disappeared again. Here’s an enhanced version.

“It’s literally keeping Aboriginals down and making them feel worthless.” Actually, it’s making them feel worth about $4.00 for a 375g jar. I should know – I bought one this morning.

Now it would be nice to think that Cassie is just a young, up and coming satirist. ‘It’s a joke, mate!’ The more time one gives to her scribblings, however, the less amusing she seems. Take your pick from the samples here at The Portly Gazelle – a site which features Ms Boon so prominently I suspect it is her own handiwork (in which case, you can draw your own conclusions about its title). CB emerges not as a comedic hopeful who has yet to master the lightness of touch that distinguishes good satire from leaden, hit-the-floor-with-a-thud attempts. At best, she’s trying to have a bet each way. But that’s a very generous interpretation of her work. After a few articles the deadly seriousness of the frightbat comes through loud and clear.

Cassidy describes herself as half-English and half-American. A powerful argument, if one was needed, for the halting of all transAtlantic commerce. With one foot on the Union Jack she felt entitled back in June to mouth off at the Brits who dared to mourn Lee Rigby, killed on the street in 2013.

It’s absolutely disgusting how the British people treated Muslims in the aftermath of the attack and it was by no means warranted by what happened. It is also disgusting that the people of Britain immediately sided with the white, British soldier and not with the two Muslims who were simply acting according to their faith and who had every reason in the world to feel angry and frustrated at the British armed forces. Now of course I am not condoning the murder, that was a shitty thing to do and is inexcusable, but still, I understand the two Muslims and feel some sort of sympathy for what they did out of desperation.

The full text has been preserved on the Spacebattles forum. The poster included a link to The Stately Harold, where the Boonbile was originally spilt, but you won’t find it there. The link leads to a blank page. I wonder why.

Later on she tweeted

CBoon Lee Rigby text

Maybe we could ask the Muslim mothers about the daughters who are victims of honour killings at the hands of those same sons too. We could even ask if they’ve participated in such killings themselves.

Like her Antipodean sisters in shriekhood, Cassidy Boon’s goal is getting our attention. She shows every prospect of being a reliable source, for decades to come, of opinions that draw derision and ridicule. Shameless enough to say anything that pulls a crowd. Ah, well – I took the bait. I responded. Time now to relax and wait for Ms Boon to vent her rage on the white lines that sit on top of black roads, or something equally daft.

The anticipation may drive me crazy. Though not half as crazy as her.




  1. One question Boony’eyes..Have you had your FGM today?

    • Not sure that it’s necessary. I mean, would you….?

      • Not even with 21 or so paper bags over her face OR over her entire body.

  2. poor misguided ninny

    • That’s an unnecessarily polite reaction.

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