Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 26, 2015

From the feminine risible to the feminine lethal: Fighting women take on ISIS.

Taking a big jump away from recent posts…

Turkish soldiers Raparin, Roza and Deijly.

Turkish soldiers Raparin, Roza and Deijly.

I rather think this settles the argument as to whether women have a place in the frontline of battle.

Three courageous women have told how they formed an armed all-female fighting unit and killed up to 10 ISIS jihadis a day to stop the Yazidi genocide on embattled Mount Sinjar.

Carry on, soldiers.


  1. “Carry on, soldiers.”

    In a play on my friend Greg’s words above in quotation ..

    Sending vibes for your bravery and safety in the fight against the VILE of isis, make that VILE of isis, ‘carrion’.

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