Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 9, 2015

He’s offended, I’m offended – we should ALL be offended!

I'm offended



  1. Good one!!

    • Looks like a good half dozen to me, GP.

      • You got me there!! đŸ˜ˆ

  2. Agree, take them off! Especially, the second from the left THEN get outta’ the way, because them two puppies could cause some damage if one was that close.

    BTW, I thought I saw your comment(s) on that Avast post, I’ll be damned, they disappeared. Nope, wasn’t over beered, not even a Beer’tini, musta’ hit the wrong damn button.

    • I’ve done that myself a few times. Anyway, I did some more research after I posted. Avast is pretty unpopular these days. It does the job but is very slow, and there are all sorts of land mines waiting for the unwary in the installation process. If your techie just rolled through click-click-click he would have put some third party software on your machine.
      I use NOD32 from Eset. It does the job and doesn’t cause me grief.

      • Will give that a try. Brought this damn thing in, because it wasn’t up to par. So the GEEK says ‘your present ‘anti everything ware’ is causing conflict and slowing your machine. At first all went smoothly THEN, I bought additional stuff, like: ‘If any neighbors that you have, cut a FART, WE WILL DETECT IT before the stench reaches you and safeguard your machine.

  3. Somewhat related (you may have viewed BUT). The dude is catching all sorts of hell.

    They flash them, shake them, show them and with the coy feminine smiles, ADORE the attention BUT..

    • It’s all outrage and fury and then someone points out that there’s a male version for the ladies. Oh, well. It gave the Perpetually Offended something to look at besides the flag.

      • Yep! Wait, wait, what’s that yelling and screaming I hear…RAPE!?

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