Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 27, 2015

Okay, okay, you don’t have to push me out the door.

Another surprise moment in my working life – being told that I had to take holidays. And this was just a few months after I’d started!
Company policy is that leave must be used up during the year. In other words, having started Feb 2015, I have to get to Feb 2016 with no more than a few days of leave to my credit. Never heard of such a scheme before, but what the hell – two weeks holiday began yesterday afternoon at 5.
On the to-do list: visit a few new stores and a few new cafes. And, as a reward for the housecleaning that will take place tomorrow, a hot rocks massage on Monday. Sorry, ladies, no photos.
I’ll be putting in a day or two at the Musica Viva office, my volunteer place last year. They gave me a lot of support and encouragement in my job hunting, and it’s a worthy enterprise. Apart from that, it will be nice to just WALK IN the door to work and not have to worry about ID cards and whether I locked my computer before I went to the men’s room.
At this time of year though, the big attraction is Rev. Due to industrial-strength slackness which I cannot explain I have never written about last year’s Revelation (apart from a review of Under The Skin). To make up for that I’ll be posting five or six side-by-side reviews: a movie from last year paired with a movie from this year. Let’s see how that works.


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