Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 30, 2015

On discovering that English may not be your first language after all.

Here in Western Australia it’s quite entertaining to hear eastern states newsreaders interpret the names of our towns and suburbs. Mandurah, for example. Locally it’s pronounced ‘Mandjra’; over in Melbourne and Sydney it becomes ‘Mandyoorah’.
Joondalup? Here, it’s ‘Joondlup.’ There, it’s ‘Joon-dallup’. Like a lady’s name. Nice to meet you, June Dallup.
I got caught myself when I first moved here from the east. I lived near the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn, which is pronounced ‘Ball-win’. And then I discovered the Perth suburb of Balcatta. I was greatly relieved to learn it’s pronounced ‘Bal(rhymes with pal)katter’. My first thought was that – well, if the second syllable was pronounced ‘cutter’…

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