Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 25, 2015

Is Mad Max: Fury Road worth the ticket?

In my formerly skeptical, ready to be annoyed and disappointed view, yes.

I saw it Thursday night and was entertained all the way through. There are enough references to the earlier movies that you could organise a Saturday night drinking game, but it stands well enough on its own.

The machines are outrageous. The characters are grotesque. The stunts are hair raising.

One gripe: Tom Hardy’s accent, which to my ears sounded half Los Angeles and half Johannesburg. At least Mel sounded half Australian.

Anyone ELSE got a problem with my accent?

Anyone ELSE got a problem with my accent?



  1. I agree with you on Tom Hardy’s accent. As an Aussie, I found it hard to understand at times. Other than that, the film was excellent – a wonderful return to the road movie that started it all.

    • I was expecting a dud. The whole concept of a fourth MM flick seemed cursed. But it came out pretty well. Even Megan Gale was okay. (After Elle McPherson’s ‘performance’ in Batman and Robin I’m leery of any model who thinks she can act.)

      • I loved it when she got run over. LOL.

        • Charlize to Megan: They did it to me in Prometheus, and now it’s YOUR turn!

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