Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 2, 2015

Marlon Brando Visited My Workplace.

Three months ago, as dedicated readers and visitors will know, I fell into the employ of two megaglobal frontier-defying world corporations. Working for one on the premises of the other. The experience has been valuable. It’s taught me this above all else: when leftwit/Green types rail against ‘Big Business’, the proper response is to laugh. The mung bean collectivists imagine BB as a huge faceless machine: eternally hungry, never sleeping, sucking scarce resources and human souls in at one end and presenting gold ingots to the bosses at the other.

Don’t laugh because they’re right. Laugh because they’re a million miles from the truth.

Big Business a relentless money-making mechanism? If only. Those people have no idea. It’s a common cry that government stifles private enterprise with regulation – but the corporate urge for pointless rule-making is at least as strong. Maybe it’s a perverse attempt to demonstrate the superiority of private over public. Don’t wait for some idiot government authority to strangle you with red tape… you’re better than that. Do it yourself!

And then there’s the indestructible urge to interrupt the productive hours with meetings. Meetings… pre-meeting meetings… follow-up meetings… I commented the other day that the company’s real product is meetings. The stuff they market is just a sideline that pays the rent. It got a laugh. But I was probably wise to wait until there was only one other person in the lift.

It seems to be a rule in the corporate world that there is no step forward that doesn’t require two steps back. So it was a joy to discover another employee prepared to engage in some quiet subversiveness – as demonstrated in the following exchange of emails.

Hello Stan,

Earlier this morning, I replaced your generic workstation nameplate with your personal nameplate.



















Thanks Greg,




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