Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 6, 2015

billy boy struck just the right note for the occasion.

This time, the text belongs to someone else. A Youtube user by the name of billy boy posted it as a comment on the theme from Stingray.

Too good a line to waste.

I’ve been saving this for International Womens Day.

And she can't talk

You’ll enjoy it more in the larger view.




  1. LMAO. Would no doubt be the same sentiment if human communication were just sign language. Could envision scads of middle fingers being flashed.

    • Let’s take a moment to dwell on the middle finger and its invaluable role in human communication.

      • Present world as it is, ALL my fingers WILL BE MIDDLE and I will proudly display them as such.

        Should that meet with disagreements: OK peoples, let me introduce you to Mr. Smith and Wesson, Mr. Switchblade from days past OR Mr. 12 Gauge Mossberg < He's just a Jewish friend..

        All of are within easy reach, humble abode or the wagon train I drive. lol.

        • I take it that the Mormons have you on their Do Not Knock list.

          • The Jehovah’s can be added to that list. There are three that pass, ‘Private property do not trespass’ signs posted on the start area of about a 500 foot uphill driveway, those that are invited, Federal Express and United Parcel Service. lmao

  2. Is she from Thunderbirds? IDK all those puppets were kind of creepy!

    • Marina was a character in Stingray which was also made by Gerry Anderson.
      The creepiest puppets were in Captain Scarlet. They were made to human proportions and looked anything but human!

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