Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 1, 2015

But she went back down the river. Just when I thought I could be strong.

Every now and then I get a bit of an old song stuck inside my head and it just goes round and round and round. Usually, if I ignore the noise, it dies of boredom after a few days. But this time I decided to track the song down and put it name to it if I could.

Dramatic Facebook style headline: I Found The Song I Couldn’t Get Out Of My Head. What Happened Next Was Unbelievable.

I know, I know… WTF is that? Vincent Price and Frankie Howerd? And I had no idea that the Bee Gees were the singers.

The song is usually titled I O I O. Sounds like Hiyo, Hiyo, to me. But I thought that dress was light blue with caramel stripes so my sensory perceptions are obviously unreliable. Whatever it’s called it was released on an album called Cucumber Castle. The video is taken from a movie of the same name – another of those weird Sixties moments when everybody got in together just because they were famous. You can watch it in full on youtube, but chances are that well chosen smoking product will enhance your viewing pleasure.



  1. “well chosen smoking product”
    Umm, like the stuff barry and his Choom Gang smoked, that left his, and their skulls and bodies devoid of everything?

    • Try domestic rather than industrial strength.

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