Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 11, 2015

I see this guy’s face every time I do online banking.

And he’s beginning to annoy me.

David is a smug twat



  1. Umm, David, maybe you could caddy for our barry, how’s that, eh?

    • What a pair!

      • ‘Birds of a feather FLOG together’.

  2. We definitely don’t use “twat” to anywhere near the same wonderful effect in the States…

    • If it’s any consolation I’ve adopted the American style pronunciation, ie, to rhyme with ‘cat’, rather than pot. It sounds angrier, I guess.

      • I thought “twot” was the American pronuncation.

        • Really? I thought rhymes-with-cat was yours. It was in Blazing Saddles as I recall that Harvey Korman called Madeleine Kahn’s Dietrich-esque character ‘a Teutonic twat’.

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