Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 29, 2015

A hostile response from above?

If the weather that belted Perth today is any guide, the heavenly hosts were less than amused by my Jesus posts.

I was woken at 3:30 by flashes of lightning. From the verandah I watched the sky light up over a front of about ten miles. The thunder was distant, so most of that action was probably coming down on the south side of the river. Gradually the fireworks moved my way. By seven the worst of it had passed over to the north. There hadn’t been much rain with the clouds, but I was just impressed that the weather bureau had predicted a storm and a storm had actually manifested.

Just before noon the storm came back. Louder, closer, and a whole lot wetter. Officially Perth city and suburbs got 5mm, but rainfall here can be strangely concentrated. I would say that my street… my block… my house got at least double that. It looked like someone was getting the cue to load up an ark.

Since 2pm the skies have been mostly clear and sunny. But the weather boys are saying that the wild stuff might linger into next week. Good thing I can tread water.

Perth Now has pictures and video and the inevitable tales of busted power lines here. You’ll enjoy the show.


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