Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 21, 2015

Winning the Culture War: FrontPage leads the way.

This is a long video, nearly an hour, but these guys are not just talking heads. They’re conservatives who have learnt to use the media and get the message across. Listen to their comments on how the lefties can be beaten and are being beaten; they’ll give you reason to hope.


They’ve also provided a transcript on the FrontPage, er, page. A few worthy quotes:

The other important thing to realize is just how many young people are watching these videos. As the video that we just showed you indicated, our domestic audience—33 percent of our viewers—are under 35. We would obviously like to see that number get above 50 percent. But just to provide some context, the average reader across the pantheon of right-wing conservative written web sites, the 33 percent number is — more than 100 percent more young people are watching our videos than read anything written anywhere on the conservative web – Jeremy Boreing.

We release now three videos every single week, and each one of us releases a video. Each one of those videos gets over 100,000 views which is more than an average hour of headline news will get. Really. And because we do that, the way that we cost cut is we actually film all six videos on one day. We’re actually filming two weeks in advance because we’re trying to keep costs low… One of the things that we want to look to do in terms of building this out is as we increase budget—as we increase capacity—be able to walk in on the same day as the news event, cut a video, put the video up that night and make sure that you can actually grab the news cycle by the horns and impact the news cycle as it’s happening – Ben Shapiro.

I would just like to point out that I think one of the reasons that we get the numbers we get on the Firewall series is it just looks so good… we do these videos in the heart of Hollywood, and we use state of the art equipment like red cameras which is what they shoot Lord of the Rings on and Star Trek on. We shoot these videos in the highest possible quality. We use the highest possible quality in postproduction, and that makes a difference – Bill Whittle.

A couple years ago the New York Time wrote a story complaining that there were no abortions as happy endings in movies. Why couldn’t abortions be happy endings? And they really don’t know the answer to that question. They cannot figure it out. And what Bill is saying is absolutely right. We win every time unless we let them change the message. The message of a good story is always gonna be conservative; every single time – Andrew Klavan.

Set the hour aside and enjoy.


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