Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 28, 2014

This week at Morning Mail…

My post from last year about the Mendacious Selective Media gets another run. Pulled from the archives in response to the coverage of the Sydney siege.



  1. Adjacent to “contributors” section at MM, they should spare the words and just place the avatar showing a fellow with a trenchcoat and hat

    Its’a ripper, mate.

    • I don’t think they can afford avatars at MM yet!
      PS – I might have been wrong after all to put my faith in George Clooney. He made a song and dance last week about nobody in Hollywood wanting to sign his letter but a few people replied that they’d never seen it. Now George is saying that he left it with someone else who was supposed to circulate it… pity, but after the Kony farce and now this I’ll stick to admiring his acting.

      • Was this “I blame” craze in place prior to The Great Barry, OR did he in fact invent it?

        BTW, your Foreign Minister Ms. Bishop really should stick with Qantas in flying. The ‘rosary beads’ will just be an option.

  2. I did not make myself clear BUT, now, after 3 (three)) martinis and a dirty ‘Merican beer or two..Not so much the avatar, but you personally, the maven of Perth, you should be THE definition of their term contributor..

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