Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 26, 2014

And if I’m a very good boy again next year, I’ll get the other half.

Santa's sack

Found by the sick and twisted mind behind Awkward Band And Musician Photos.


  1. Sick and twisted below the photo describes it well. GRRRRRRRRR

    On 12/26/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Oh, dear. I think someone missed out on a train set at an impressionable age.

      You are of course free to express any opinion here, Ike, but you have been visiting my blog for quite some time now. You should be well aware that my humour sometimes – perhaps often – tends toward the dark. The macabre. The slightly grotesque. The plain, flat-out lacking in good taste.
      Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable in some other internet playground.

  2. Sorry I’m late, but I sincerely hope you are having an outstanding Holiday Season!!

    • Not being noticeably religious these days I got my spiritual input through watching Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey. My neighbours, who occasionally borrow my bin when theirs is full, expressed their gratitude with some beers and shortbread.
      On the other side of the house the young marrieds are away and a friend is living in to look after their dog. And there has been a radical change in the dog’s behaviour. Normally it can yip and howl on and off for an hour after they leave in the morning, but the minder seems to know a thing or two about dog psychology. I told her that I’d noticed the change and asked if she would drop a few clues with the young marrieds as well.
      All in all it’s been a better Christmas I than I was anticipating. I hope yours has been good, too.

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