Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 24, 2014

A message from Reverend Rod.

GAC Enjoy it

The sign is fake. But as you’ll see, it’s probably just a matter of time.

Rod Gower, cleric in command at Gosford Anglican Church, considers himself the voice of the national conscience. He likes to tackle  controversial subjects.

GAC Some ppl are gay

Problem is, Rod will tackle ANY controversial subject. And there’s that line in the Gospel about serving two masters…

GAC Bless the burqa

Could be that Rod’s too busy trying to be everyone’s hotline to Heaven that he hasn’t noticed that some of his buddies are in the habit of killing some of his other buddies. Their treatment of their womenfolk isn’t too glamorous either.

GAC Get it here

Yeah, this one’s another fake. At least until he steals the idea.

There’s another line somewhere in the Bible about praying. Paraphrasing, it says that the showoffs do their praying in the main street and let everyone know, but the true man of God prays behind a locked door. He keeps it private between God and himself.

Reverend Rod isn’t up to that page yet.  May this Christmas post accelerate his reading.

Thanks, GAC



  1. I didn’t know that America still harbours people like this. Does your Government understand what they are doing to the country by allowing these people, really providing them with open forums to do what they do. Your are inviting Africa 1947 into America.

    On 12/23/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • AUSTRALIA still harbours people like this – unfortunately, Ike. The consolation is that Rev Rod’s following is relatively small. Smaller I would bet than the total number of people who delight in mocking him.
      I understand the comparison to 1947 but in the age of the internet it’s actually possible for the man in the street to get some idea of the size and commitment of protest groups. There was an outfit called March Australia who tried to raise ten grand earlier in the middle of the year. They collected six hundred dollars. Very embarrassing! So much for representing the disaffected and voiceless masses. Or should I say that the disaffected and voiceless will go along with any damn movement until it asks for something besides their angst…

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