Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 20, 2014

Direct speech from unexpected sources.

Here’s something to stir into your Saturday morning coffee: the Queen of Jordan has bigger balls than most Western leaders.

A minority of irreligious extremists is using social media to rewrite our narrative and hijack our identity. That’s what ISIS is doing to the Arab world and all of us … These images don’t represent me any more than they represent you … They’re alien and abhorrent to the vast majority of Arabs – Muslims and Christians. And they should make every Arab across this region seethe.

We might argue about the concept of the ‘moderate Muslim’ and whether or not such a beast is real or mythical. But Queen Raina is at least a step ahead of the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Salutary Nabobs who keep telling their infidel citizenry that there’s nothing about Islam to fear. The Queen, addressing herself to the believers, is saying these animals don’t represent us and we should damn well say so.

We — the moderate [Islamic] majority – are equally to blame. Our silence speaks volumes. The silence of moderate Arabs made them complicit in ISIS’ success.



Meanwhile, in the US of A, one of Hollywood’s more prominent progressives has had words to say about SonyHack and the non-release of The Interview.

Clooney quiote

Clooney can be a smug bastard at times (‘ahead of the curve’) and the involvement of NorKor is still being debated, but he is taking a stand while everyone else in the film industry is ducking for cover.  Momentarily, at least, he’s got my respect.



  1. Wow! For Clooney that’s quite something; he almost gets my respect momentarily too. But being Clooney I wonder what game he is playing all of a sudden. You can’t trust the bastard with anything. As for the queen, I ditto what she is saying.

    On 12/20/14, The mind is an unexplored country.

  2. The Lady is correct. If only the MALES of this association of evil would listen. Hell, in Saudi land femme’s don’t dare operate a vehicle for fear of being stoned, hung or another evil being had upon them.

    cLOONEY Ha. Come see me when you have that same macho attitude speaking out against our racist Islamic leader.

    • Baby steps, JP. Baby steps…

      • Yep. Jordan (and I dearly hope what I am about to type, is not a jinx) has been remarkably free of the truly evil aspect of Islam.

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